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History of the website Andrew Posted - 05/11/2003

When the Laser 2000 Class Association was formed it was agreed that we should have a website. The aims of the website were to:
  • Maintain a central communication location for CA Members and 2000 owners
  • Keep class association members up-to-date with current events
  • Encourage new members to join the association

I took over the roll of "Webmaster" in October 2002 and created a quick temporary website design that lasted a year. Written in basic HTML it offered no flexibility and resulted in a static site that only I could update/maintain.
We also purchased our own domain name - www.laser2000.org.uk that masked the old site name, then back in May-03 Laser changed their service provider which meant we followed and migrated onto a new server. This meant changing from the old web9906.vs.netbenefit.co.uk domain name to laser2000.lasersailing.com, which is much easier to remember!
With the change of hosts came a new forum, written in ASP with an Access Database back end. Very quickly I realised that it would be feasible to develop a website that used forum posts for the content so I set about adding in suitable modules to give greater flexibility.
The final push to this new site was the modification of the code to give this layout and give the correct permissions to the website part of the forum (not visible to the general user) and start the task of populating the various sections.

I hope you like the new design

Andrew Frogley
IT Officer
UK Laser 2000 Class Association
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